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The purpose for doing what I do is to help as many people as I can obtain optimal health in my lifetime! Hold on now! Let's think about this for a moment. how was I, the undergraduate from Mankato State University, going to make this possible? Well, I decided to turn my hands into instruments of healing and graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic. I have now been a chiropractor for over 13 years. My practice is a family based wellness center with particular emphasis on recovering from injury, exercise, and nutrition. I am constantly studying and attending seminars so I fully understand what our bodies and patients need.

I have been married to my beautiful wife Tara for over 17 years and we have been blessed with four children, Seth, Dylan, Tyler and Blake. Watching them grow and learn has truly been a treasure. My hobbies include studying the body and mind/body connection. I also enjoy biking, skiing, kayaking, fishing and camping with the family and almost any outdoor activity.

I strive to learn and be the best and I want all of my patients to rave about the quality of care I provide for them... and it's not all about back and/or neck pain. No, it is about Wellness. Chiropractic is a purpose that comes from the heart. We work as a team. To design a plan that best suites your health objectives and goals, weather is acute care or wellness. Let's begin by getting you a better, healthier quality of life while having fun in our office! Visiting a doctor doesn't need to be a stuffy experience Thank you for learning about me, now I look forward to learning about you! Your health begins here!

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