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With the hectic lives that we live, it’s very common to experience neck pain, back pain, or other issues throughout the body. But with how busy we are, it’s almost impossible to find the time for proper treatment. While many people will turn to prescription drugs, chiropractic care is a beneficial alternative. If you’re looking for exceptional chiropractic services in Rochester, MN or the surrounding area, then Maday Chiropractic is the place for you! With a strong focus on providing top-notch care, Maday Chiropractic has years of professional experience in the field. With our decades of experience and reliable chiropractors on staff, we excel at improving the lives of hundreds of patients. Keep reading to find out more about us.

about us

Spinal Adjustments

Sometimes a quick spinal adjustment is all it takes to feel better. Whether you’re suffering from a car accident injury, a sports-related problem or everyday back pain, our team of health experts can provide manual adjustments focused on your needs. Whether it’s poor posture, repetitive motion, or stress that’s causing your tight muscles and tissues, our adjustments can ease these areas and get you on track to a healthier body. 

Lifestyle Advice and Nutritional Counseling

With the busy lives that we live, it’s hard to stay on track with proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices. If you’re struggling to stay healthy, whether that’s with your diet, exercise regimen, or anything else, we are proud to offer solutions to get your life on track. Our doctor can sit down with you and talk about where you would like to see some change. Once we determine the best treatment plan for your needs, we’ll work with you to ensure an effective plan from start to finish. 

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If you live in the Rochester area and you’re looking to improve your health and wellness, then be sure to make an appointment at Maday Chiropractic today! You can schedule an appointment today by calling us at 507-424-3226!

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