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Maday Chiropractic

1201 South Broadway, Suite 70
Rochester, MN 55904

Dr. Brent T. Maday



At Maday Chiropractic, patients receive more than a quick adjustment. Since every patient has individual problems, each treatment is customized. Dr Brent takes the time to understand your specific concerns, and then determines steps to take to help you manage or realize complete recovery.

Spinal Adjustments
The vertebrae in the spine are connected to form spinal joints with trauma, repetitive motion,poor posture or stress the spinal joints will become "fixed" or "locked". You may not feel symptoms right away, but over time the nerves will become irritated causing tightened muscles, inflammation and eventually "pain". Left unchecked over years this process will lead to early spinal degeneration. (arthritis)

1_laser.jpgRelaxing the Body
Each session typically includes some soft tissue work prior to the adjustment. This involves pressing gently on specific pressure points and stretching muscles to relax the body, making it more receptive to the adjustment.

Myofascial Release
Adhesions in soft tissue can be caused by injury, repetitive motions and constant pressure or tension. Firm, massaging pressure is applied to the affected areas to work-out adhesions, releases any entrapped nerves or blood vessels and restore motion and function.

Low Level Laser Therapy
World-wide studies have shown that laser is accumulative as well as cascading and reduces pain and inflammation via: Bio-stimulation/photo-stimulation, endogenous opiate production(endorphins), slowing sensory nerve production, restoring cellular resonant energy(polarity), stimulates cell membrane mechanisms. The uses for which laser can be applied are many and treatments plans vary. Conditions which may be helped by Laser Therapy-- Carpal-Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis, Auto Accidents, Knee Pain, Elbow Pain, Shoulder Pain, Foot Pain.  

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